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14. YEAR 2009
Attempt ALL the questions. All questions carry equal marks. 
1. Compare and contrast the characters of Mr. and Mrs. Baines as presented in the short story 'The Basement Room' by Graham Greene. OR
What is the importance of kite flying in the short story 'The Kite' by Somerset Maugham? How are human relationships affected by it?
2. Lisby wins over the sympathy of the reader in the short story 'The Little Willow'. Explain why the other two Avery sisters are unable to do the same? OR
How does the use of contrast between the older generation and the younger generation on the one hand, and hand-made products versus mass produced products helps to create the touching short story 'Local Boy Makes Good'?
3. Assess the importance of the dogs in George Orwell's novel 'Animal Farm'. OR
Despite Snowball's efforts for the progress of 'Animal Farm', the animals do not fare any better than when under Mr. Jones. Why?
4. What is the purpose that Sladin Smith has in mind in writing the play 'Time's Visitors'? OR
Examine the farcical elements in the play 'The End of the Beginning'. What is Sean O' Casey underlying message?
5. Gordon Bottomely presents the theme of 'old, unhappy, far-off things'. Apply this statement to the play 'A Parting'. OR
Analyse the causes which create a gulf, caused by the passage of time between two old friends in the play 'An Old Friend'.  

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