Sunday, 18 January 2015


13. YEAR 2008
Attempt ALL the questions. All questions carry equal marks.
1. Bring out the generation gap as depicted in the short story 'Local Boy Makes Good' by John Moore. OR
What message is conveyed to young girls through the story 'On Guard'?
2. What does the kite symbolize? Do you think it is relevant to give the short story depicting human relations the title 'The Kite'? Why? OR
Compare the characters of Mrs. Sunbury and Betty Bevan in the short story 'The Kite'.
3. What are the roles of Boxer and Napolean in the novel 'Animal Farm'? OR
George Orwell said, ".... there is some lie I want to expose, some fact to which I want to draw attention." Referring to 'Animal Farm', state what he wants to expose and how does he do it?
4. In 'Time's Visitors', Sladen Smith shows the different attitudes of people towards time. What message does he give them? OR
Who is a better person in the play 'An Old Friend'? Give characteristics that make him better.
5. Bring out the irony in the play 'The End of the Beginning'. OR
What is a Sean O' Casey's attitude towards male chauvinism? Prove your point by referring to the play 'The End of Beginning'. 

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