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15. YEAR 2011
Attempt any FIVE questions including COMPULSORY Question No. 1. Attempt at least TWO questions from each section. All questions carry equal marks. 
1. Explain with reference to the context any THREE of the following:
(i) And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black. 
(ii) You looked twice ere you saw his breast
Was all but shot in two
(iii) Quickly break her prison string, 
And such joys as these she'll bring.--
Let the winged Fancy roam, 
Pleasure never is at home. 
(iv) Alone with her great family 
She liv'd as she did please. 
(v) "What occupation do you there pursue? 
This is a lonesome place for one like you." 
(vi) --- our grand Foe, 
Who now triumphs, and in th' excess of joy, 
Sole reigning holds the tyranny of Heaven." 
2. How does Macbeth bend his extraordinary powers in the service of evil?
3. Witches are only external projection of Macbeth's internal ambitions. Elaborate. 
4. How does Amanda make Tom's life hell by constant reminders? 
5. Laura cries not so much for her glass shattered but her dreams broken. Discuss. 
6. Bring out Satan's arrogance and vanity from the lines of "Paradise Lost" included in your course. 
7. What makes Wordsworth's 'Tintern Abbey Revisited' a masterpiece of Nature poetry? 
8. Keats never touched so great a height as in his odes. Elaborate with reference to some of his odes. 
9. How does Browning bring out pathos and spiritual ache in his 'My Last Duchess'? 
10. Critically evaluate Frost's "Tree at My Window". 

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