Monday, 19 January 2015


17. YEAR 2013
Attempt ALL the questions. All questions carry equal marks.
1. "She smashed his kite. He says he'll never forgive her for that till his dying day". Discuss the character of Herbert and his wife in the light of this statement. OR
Why does Bacon pay twenty thousand pounds to the Duchess for false pearls?
2. Write a critical summary of the story 'The Voice' OR
What is your estimation of Maria's character?
3. Is George Orwell in favour of the revolution? Elaborate your answer in the light of 'Animal Farm'. OR
Why does the revolution fail to establish and idea of society? Explain with examples from 'Animal Farm'.
4. Can we say that 'The Riders to the Sea' is about the tragedy of the simple people? OR
Elaborate the theme of the play 'Time's Visitors'
5. Do you think that 'A Parting' is about the theme of separation? Discuss in detail. OR
Discuss 'The End of the Beginning' as a comedy. 

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