Friday, 16 January 2015


12. YEAR 2007
Attempt FIVE questions in all. All questions carry equal marks.
1. Trace the causes leading to the psychological aberration in Herbert that might have caused his inexplicable behaviour in refusing to pay Betty twenty-five shillings a week and ending up in prison as a result. (The Kite) OR
Discuss in detail the relationship between the father and the son in the story 'Local Boy Makes Good'.
2. Why does Milly remain a spinster at the end of the story 'On Guard' despite having many admirers? What underlying message can you detect? OR
Compare and contrast the characters of Mrs. Lewis and Morgan in the story 'The Voice'.
3. What is the role of the dogs in suppressing the other animals on the farm? (Animal Farm) OR
Show how Snowball, though cleverer than Napoleon, was nevertheless defeated and made to flee from the farm. (Animal Farm)
4. What is personification? How has Sladen Smith used this device to prove his argument in the play 'Time's Visitors'? OR
What is the role of environment in the play 'Riders to the Sea'?
5. Point out the farcical elements in the play 'The End of the Beginning'. What purpose does the writer achieve through their use? OR
Give a character sketch of the mother in 'A Parting'. 

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