Thursday, 15 January 2015


11. YEAR 2006
Attempt FIVE questions in all. All questions carry equal marks. 
1. Discuss with reference to 'The Voice' how people tend to come together in a disaster. OR
"I think I may feel dull on that dreary old cruise after the sisterly brotherly life. I've had here". How does this remark sum up Maria's character in "Maria"?
2. Why didn't Millicent get married in the short story "On Guard"? OR
Compare the characters of Lisby and her sisters in "The Little Willow".
3. "Manor Farm" changed to 'Animal Farm'. How did the animals on the farm fare as a result of this change? OR
Write a detailed note on the role of Boxer and Clover in 'Animal Farm'.
4. Discuss 'Time's Visitors' as a play with a purpose. OR
'The End of the Beginning' is a play based on the theme of male chauvinism. Elaborate.
5. 'An Old Friend' investigates the theme of friendship. Describe the qualities of the characters in the play you think is a good friend. OR
Give a character sketch of the lady Maurya as depicted in 'The Riders to the Sea'. 

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