Monday, 12 January 2015


7. YEAR 2002
Attempt FIVE questions in all. All questions carry equal marks.
1. How did Maria want to go away from Mrs. Doseby's house? OR
Write a character sketch of Maria.
2. Write a detailed note on the character sketch of Mrs. Sunbury. OR
How kite proved a symbol of his mother for Herbert in the story 'The Kite'?
3. "Animal Farm" squealer is a typical propagandist gifted with wits to make black white. Justify. OR
Discuss "Animal Farm" as a political satire.
4. Trace out the comic elements in 'The End of the Beginning'. OR
Discuss Darry as a funny character.
5. The statue says that the greatest of all illusions is permanence. Evaluate this statement. OR
Critically examine the play "The Time's Visitors". 

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